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Muggle Quidditch...?

Alrigth so was surfing weird stuff on the net just before work...and found this:


Muggle Quidditch....o.o lulz

First day~

AAHHHH! FIRST DAY!! Already at office...actually told to wait, [surf the net...or just do whatever] before our 'masters' come. That was said jokingly but...sounds ominous enough though. Actually one of the chambering peeps told me that the first few days will be a bit slow.

Not sure what we'll have to o. Will most likely need to ask for things to do. Everyone seems so absorbed in their work [by that I mean the only other chambering person in the room with us] x.x"

something that made me less nervous was the fact that the other three attachment peeps are actually from my uni....from the same class hahaha. -sigh-

Think I sohuld stop up-dating and....start...err...AH WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO?

Pretend to look busy. P is now sending me texts [yes, we're in the same room] asking me things...we're both retardedly nervous...an not sure for what reason either] haha =.=

-back to looking busy-

Monday's coming >

Monday's approaching. Will be starting on my apprenticeship at this Law Firm in another day and a bit. I've been pushing the nervous feeling away but its getting harder and harder to ignore it.

I keep on wanting to open some of my books, read a bit to refresh my memory, prepare myself, that sort of thing. But honestly, I've no idea what to read or how to prepare myself.

Everything should be alright though, right? I mean I'm sure they wont just throw me into the deep end on my first day just like that.

Yea, that did nothing to stop this stupid nervous feeling. =.="

Will go read some fanfics now to calm self :D!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year dear Flist!

I hope this year will be better than your last :D

Hehehe Its a whole new *clean* year to muck up. And I mean that in the most best way hahaha.



I've just finished my last exam paper yesterday. Then I straight away lost my wallet. Brilliant way to start my holidays.

Freaked out immediately then called mum and got my ear chewed off by her [it can still happen, especially when you're only 18] after I had to cancel all my ATM cards and had to report that my ID was lost.

Now I've to go make new ATM cards and a new ID, which would cost me because you apparently get fined for losing IDs.

My uncle then came to pick me up to go crash at his house, one of the main reasons why was because I don't have ANY money on me whatsoever and they were already in the neighbourhood, besides, I was already planning on visiting them anywa

I borrowed some cash from them today then went to the mall to catch up with a friend of mine, whom I haven't seen in like a year! We live close by so its really retarded that we don't see each other that often. Of course most of the blame is on me -gulp-

Anyway catching up with her was lots of fun, unfortunately we only met up for a few hours that went by really quickly. I'm hoping we can meet up again really soon.

I'm too tired to continue ranting and dinner's done :D


Epic Fail.

I'm supposed to be studying for three tests that are coming up in the next week. Epic Fail at concentrating. I got up bright and early and picked up my Arbitration Law textbook, with every intention of studying. Ten minutes into it and the next thing I remember was my neck hurting because I've been sleeping with my head resting on my desk -sigh-.

I seriously hope that I won't have to repeat any papers this semester. Or repeat any papers ever, actually.

Lunch first then *definitely* resuming my studying. Also I'm not going to read Drarry. At all Today this afternoon. -dies-

Also, I am :( may have been the cause of my housemates food poisoning. I will now stay away from the kitchens. I'm sorry Lin -*buys* chicken soup for you* See, no more cooking for me x.x


excuses? sort of...

-blows dust off LJ-...I realise I havent been writing*anything* and I probably wont. But that''s because I've already a blog : www.sanity24.blogspot.com

Plus I really only created LJ to stalk drarry writers LOL -dies-

Anyway...I found this lil comic strip on DA and it just made me go : "LULZ"

http://buuya.deviantart.com/art/AWKWARDPOTTER-Stalking-Draco-129655755 << link XD


Saturday morning GONE!

I've just wasted my Saturday morning listening to a rather racist and not-so-slightly brainwashing talk by some idiot. Now I've to prepare a two page bloody reflection on his talk amongst all of my other assignments that are all due next week. Procrastination always seems to prevail heh.

Massive pile of assignment = I need to get to work = I need to get off LJ and whatever else.


I've the attention span of a 3 month old when it comes to things like these =(




I've actually been stalking a few people [in secret] on LJ and finally thought I'd make an account so I can OFFICIALLY stalk them haha, its definitely not my fault though, their writing is just so addictive!!

I might start using LJ for other reasons [like actual blogging] but that really just depends on my laziness scale, which is pretty high at the moment, judging from the massive pile of assignments thats almost overdue hehe

Anyway better get back to that english assignment -sigh-